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Prevent & Prepare

Your company deserves a comprehensive security program that goes well beyond compliance.

By combining experts in security and cyber liability, Cycure improves your security posture through ongoing protection and assessments while providing a strong safety net in the event of the inevitable attack.

We then add value through continued education and consulting as cyber threats evolve. And our subscription model simplifies your expenses to eliminate surprises. The result is a complete package that meets the needs of both the boardroom and IT.

Custom Subscription Services

Ongoing Assessments & Protection

We provide best-in-class front line security for your systems and data, to guard against any attack.

Complete security services

Including phishing assessments, penetration testing, app security, risk assessments, business impact analysis, disaster recovery planning, physical security, insider threats, software and technology consulting and more.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Unlike traditional insurance firms, we understand IT and can customize your cyber liability coverage to fit your unique needs.

A Critical Safety Net

Custom plans to cover costs and liability for breach response, network security and privacy, online media, business interruption, data restoration, cyber crime and extortion, social engineering, fund transfer and more.

Breach Response Services

In the event of an attack, we'll provide immediate assistance and recovery services to get you up and running again.

Rapid Response & Recovery

Forensic investigations and data restoration for IP theft, misappropriation of funds, electronic document destruction, email investigations, improper use of systems, HR investigations and more.

Education & Training Services

Our expert guidance keeps you up-to-date on complex and ever-changing security standards and practices.

The Knowledge You Need

Keeping you up to date on industry best practices and policies, including audit preparation, reporting, process automation, employee education, compliance training, and more.

Insight from Experience

Cycure leadership brings a combined 80 years of business experience and 50 years of total experience in the ever changing and complex IT industry. From the boardroom to the data center, from human factors to architecture design and implementation, our team has the deep skills necessary to understand and guide your cyber security posture, risk appetite and decision making.